Pay Property Tax online


       The Property Tax service provides a digital interface, allowing citizen to search and download property bill, make the payment online and download the payment receipt.

Step Involved :

  • Login to the system using Mobile number and OTP
  • Search for required property using Search property
  • Download the bill
  • Pay the property tax using portal or PT bill payment link received through SMS and Email
  • Download the receipt

  • Facilities Available:
  •  Status update through SMS and Email
  •  Download & Print the PT Bill and Receipts. 

Property tax Calculation

The Property Tax is calculated on the basis of built up area, for this total built up area of the building is considered in ‘Square Feet’

Total Built-up Area X Rate = R V (Rental Value)

RV X 12 = ARV (Annual Rental Value)

Property Tax = 25% of the ARV

The rates are decided by the Board. The rate depends upon the locality in which the building is constructed (eg – Lam Road, RC Road, Sadar Bazar etc), type of construction (eg – RCC, Tin Shed, Kuchcha house), manner of activity.

Click Property tax Button Rate Chart.