Deolali Cantonment is a Class 1 Cantonment established in the year 1869. It is situated at a plateau of 2000 feet, surrounded by picturesque Sahyadri ranges, 200 km away on Central Railway from Mumbai and 556.52 meters above sea level. Deolali Cantonment falls under Nashik District – an all India Hindu pilgrimage centre. Deolali Cantonment is situated on the banks of river Darna and a natural position in the Sahyadri ranges of Igatpuri & Trimbak Ranges. Deolali is very popular as a Hill Station and is famous for Health Resort in Maharashtra. Deolali has numerous sanatoriums most of which was built by Gujarati and Parsee communities. Deolali camp was opened as a Main Depot for the arrival and departure of troops in 1870, i.e. one year after it was gazetted as a Cantt. The Indian Staff College was raised in 1904. Subsequently, it was moved to Quetta, now in Pakistan. Deolali had its expansion during the First World War when a number of training camps and hospitals were added. The prestigious School of Artillery is located in Deolali Cantt., which was moved here from Kakul, now in Pakistan, 1941.

Cantonment Board Office

The building of Cantonment Board is almost 150+ years old. The present building of the Cantonment Board Office was bought by the Cantonment Board Deolali on 1st Oct. 1935 for Rs. 5000/- from MES.