Information Technology

Current Software Running At CB Deolali Office

1. Raksha Bhoomi
3. Payroll
4. Pension
5. Dak Management
6. File Management
7. Property tax
8. Water Tax
9. File Tracking System

Current Software Developed And Maintained At CB Deolali

⇒Development and maintenance of official website of Cantonment board Deolali. Also the day to day maintenance and publishing of new article in the website is being done. Security audit was done and SSL was also implemented.
⇒Whole management, maintenance, patches uploading, report generation and correspondence of Raksha booomi
⇒Activities of e-procurement for all the departments of Cantonment Board Deolali in for tenders and auction.
⇒The inventorisation of all the files in the office of Cantonment Board Deolali was completed and uploading of the same in Data Management Software was also done.
⇒Monitoring, complaint downloading, distribution and uploading of complaint remittance report of CPGRAM in pgportal PMO site.
⇒Monitoring of e-Mail correspondence of CB Mail, CB Data, NIC Mail and Yahoo Mail.
⇒Maintenance of Computer and all other IT equipment.
⇒Maintenance of Application softwares. Antivirus, Windows, useful softwares, drivers etc.
⇒Maintenance of Local Area Network and DGDE MPLS line.
⇒All activities related to biometric attendance machines fitted in different locations.
⇒Other Govt. site works for schools, hospitals, GEM etc.
⇒Maintenance of all cameras and retrieval of recording installed in office. Installation of cameras in Hospital School
⇒Correspondence, monthly contribution uploading in CRA system and resolving of all issues related to NPS (new pension system).
⇒All software media and data backup management. All other correspondence related to IT.