Health & Sanitation department is headed by the Health Superintendent. This department is responsible for maintaining “Clean & Green Deolali”.

● Cantonment Board Deolali maintains one Solid Waste Management plant of capacity 40 TPD and one Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of capacity 11 MLD. Moreover it has laid 58.659 kilometres of underground pipe line during the year 2017-2020.

● Cantonment Board Deolali maintains 11 Garbage Vehicle for door to door collection of garbage and 04 small tippers (Tata Ace) which caters to the entire civil area for collection of waste. All the Garbage Vehicles have two compartments for segregating the waste into dry and wet. All Garbage Vehicles ( Ghanta Gaadi ) are GPS enabled and route tracking is done on regular basis. Citizens are encouraged to inform CBD in case Ghanta Gadi is not covering their area on regular basis.

● According to Solid Waste Management rules 2016, it is compulsory to segregate the waste into dry and wet .In order to ensure compliance; CBD has distributed approax 10,000 dry and wet dustbins to individual households, establishments, institutions etc.

● Cantonment Board Deolali has 01 Vacuum emptier tank for cleaning of septic tanks and two water tankers to fulfil the urgent demand of water.

● Cantonment Board Deolali maintains one Fire Vehicle to meet fire related emergency. Residents can contact on 9325256703 in case of any Fire related emergency.

● Cantonment Board Deolali maintains 02 Parks namely.

1)  Temple Hill Garden – It is the biggest in locality and is also a historic location.
2) Library Garden – It is located in the Sadar Bazar area.

● Cantonment Board Deolali maintains 01 Jogging Track near Anand Road. It has a 700 meter long jogging track open for general public with soothing environment and also have equipments fixed of green gym.
Timings : Morning 5:30am to 8:30am & Evening 4:00pm to 8:30pm.

● Cantonment Board Deolali strives to maintain high standard of Hygiene & Sanitation throughout civil area of Deolali Cantonment.

● The system of collection, transportation and disposal of garbage in the Deolali Cantonment is fully mechanized. The services being provided by the Board include road sweeping, drain cleaning, cleaning of group latrines, septic tanks, soak wells, urinals, removal of grass and dead animals, cattle impounding and cleaning of footpath etc.

Lifting of Garbage

● Garbage lifting by Cantonment Board has been planned in such a manner that rubbish from all points is removed at least once in a week. Cantonment Board has identified a number of garbage points as main points where the garbage is lifted daily. The Sanitation staff has instructions to remove garbage bin provided either by colony residents or by Cantonment Board.

● In case the Garbage is not lifted within a week from any point, any responsible citizen can report the matter to the Cantonment Board Deolali through Swachhata App or through Public Grievance Redressal tab on the website of Cantonment Board Deolali.

● The Complaints pertaining to the following matters may be made to the Sanitation department. Cantonment Board Deolali encourages lodging of complaint through Swachhata App & Public Grievance Redressal tab on the website of Cantonment Board Deolali.

a) Over-flow of drains.
b) Removal of any dead dog/animals.
c) Un-authorized dumping of rubbish or debris.
d) Removal of rubbish/garbage.
e) Nuisance by stray Dogs.
f) Sweeping not done.
g) Burning of garbage.
h) Dustbins not clean.
i) Garbage vehicle not arrived.
j) Public toilets cleaning.
k) Fogging not done.

Responsibilities of Sanitation Department

● Sweeping of Roads.
● Lifting of Garbage.
● Cleaning of public toilets & urinals.
● Maintaining clean Nullahs.
● Spraying/fogging of insecticides for prevention of mosquito borne diseases.
● Inspection of Eating establishment.
● Issue of Dog licenses.
● Inspection of Schools, Educational Institutions from sanitation point of view.
● Inspection of shops of merchants of food grains, vegetables, fruits, country/foreign liquors and intoxication drugs, medicines and other trades in Cantonment area.
● Catching of stray cattle.